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For Employees

E-learning at the University of Warsaw

The academic teachers may conduct some of the courses as distance-learning courses or support the regular courses with various on-line materials, tasks or activities for the students.

  1. The academic teachers conducting courses for the students at the Institute of Applied Linguistics can set up their courses on the ILS Moodle platform: https://moodle.ils.uw.edu.pl/

    The procedures of creating the user account, setting up new courses and adding materials are available in the Help section, accessible without logging-in.
  2. The academic teachers conducting courses for the students of various units of the University of Warsaw, e.g. general open-access university courses or language courses, can use the tools available on the website of the Centre for Open and Multimedia Education of the University of Warsaw (COME) at: http://www.come.uw.edu.pl/

    Please consult the Course Instructor Guide, before you start.


Mailing list [Staff]

The latest news concerning the Institute, the schedule of courses and the schedule of exam sessions etc. is distributed at the Institute of Applied Linguistics via the mailing list [Staff].

Each employee of the Institute can be enrolled on the mailing list [Staff] by the mailing list administrator, if you provide your e-mail address: personally, every day in room no 00.099, or by e-mail at: admin.ils(at)uw.edu.pl


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