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dr Valentina Ragni

  • Position: Research Fellow
  • Department: Institute of Applied Linguistics (ILS) in the Faculty of Applied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw
  •  Room: 3.051, ul. Dobra 55.
  •  E-mail: v.ragni@uw.edu.pl
  •  Duty hours: n/a

Dr Valentina Ragni is a Post-doctoral Researcher (adiunkt) at the Institute of Applied Linguistics at
the University of Warsaw (Poland), where she currently works on the WATCH-ME project (“Watching
Viewers Watch Subtitled Videos. Audiovisual and linguistic factors in subtitle processing”), funded by
the National Science Centre Poland (NCN).

She obtained her PhD in Audio-Visual Translation from the University of Leeds (UK), where she used
eye-tracking technology to investigate the effects of translational factors on the noticing and
memorisation of a particularly under-researched subtitling modality – reverse subtitles (L1 video, L2
subtitles) – by English native speakers learning Italian as a foreign (L2) language at advanced levels of
L2 proficiency.

Before Poland, she worked at the University of Bristol on a project assessing the impact of
productivity-enhancing technologies – such as machine translation and behaviour-tracking tools – on
professional translators.

Her research interests focus on the cognitive and psycholinguistic aspects of (audiovisual)
translation, both as a professional practice and a language learning tool. She is particularly
interested in how issues of cross-language interference, orthographic and semantic L1-L2 similarity,
and cognateness affect attention distribution and memory for language in adult L2 learners.