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Department of Literary Communication Studies



PhD Student:

mgr Barbara Kaczyńska

The Department of Literary Communication Studies conducts research on various forms of literary communication within the cultural and linguistic framework of the languages which are the subjects of both teaching and research at the Institute of Applied Linguistics.

The broad thematic spectrum of the department’s studies includes the fields of interliterary communication, such as intertextuality and reception of earlier texts in subsequent literary periods, evolution of literary themes and motifs, and mutual influence and interference between the genres and forms of texts.

Our studies focus especially on translation and reception of works of literature in their intercultural context.

Additionally, our interests include various phenomena associated with extraliterary communication, e.g. the role of literature as a form of social communication, together with such associated elements as a literary field, literary market, or distribution of literary texts in its material and media-oriented aspects (literary text carriers, history of print and text archiving, etc.).

Since 2009 the Department organizes a recurring conference Translatio, initiated and conceptualized by Prof. Anna Kukułka-Wojtasik. The papers from the three editions of the conference held in the years 2009, 2013, and 2017 were published in three separate collections.