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dr Tomasz Wiącek


  • M.A. in English Literature, Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, 2007.
  • Ph.D. in Humanities (Literary Studies), Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw, 2015.

Research Interests:

  • Translation and adaptation of English works of literature and drama
  • English medieval literature
  • English medieval and renaissance drama
  • English romanticism
  • English Great War literature (1914-1920)
  • History of medieval and renaissance art
  • Medieval canon law in Europe
  • Medieval English common law
  • Roman law and history of law in Europe

Teaching experience:

  • Lectures and courses in history and theory of English and American literature
  • Practical English classes: grammar, academic writing
  • Classes in translation of literary, cultural, legal, administrative and financial texts

Organizational Experience:

  • Translatio and the History of Ideas (international conference, 2017)

Membership in academic societies and associations:

  • Member of the Société Internationale pour l’étude du Théâtre Médiéval (SITM)