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Katarzyna Wasilewska


  • PhD in Linguistics – Faculty of Applied Linguistics – University of Warsaw, PhD thesis Administrative Reports: A Corpus Study of the Genre in the EU and Polish National Settings, supervisor: Prof. Łucja Biel
  • MA in Translation and Language Teaching (English and Russian) – Faculty of Applied Linguistics – University of Warsaw, MA thesis: Lexical borrowings in the English-Polish translations of texts concerning finance, promotor: Prof. Krzysztof Hejwowski
  • BA in Translation for Special Purposes (English and Russian) – Faculty of Applied Linguistics – University of Warsaw, BA thesis: English borrowings in the Polish language of finance, supervisor: Monika Bałaga, PhD
  • BA studies in International Economics – Warsaw School of Economics, BA thesis: Atrakcyjność inwestycyjna Ukrainy dla kapitału polskiego w latach 2004-2010 [Investment attractiveness of Ukraine for Polish capital in the years 2004-2010], supervisor: Krzysztof Falkowski, PhD



  • 5-month traineeship in the Directorate General for Translation, European Commission, 2015


  • Evaluation of Machine Translation systems in task-critical domains, Heidelberg University, 2021
  • R 101: data wrangling, analysis and visualization, School for International Science (SIS UW), 2021
  • Corpus Linguistics Summer School, Birmingham University, 2018
  • CLARIN-PL in research practice, Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, 2017
  • Methods of Digital Humanities, Digital Humanities Lab UW, 2016
  • trainings at the European Commission: SDL Trados-Studio 2011 training, terminological training conducted by the department terminologist, 2014

Research projects

  • Corporate financial performance and communication strategies in letters to shareholders; IDUB New Ideas 3A (Nowe Idee 3A) grant, 2023-2024, principal investigator
  • The Eurolect: an EU variant of Polish and its impact on administrative Polish, NCN grant (the Polish National Science Centre) no. 2014/14/E/HS2/00782, Sonata BIS, 2015-2020, research team member
  • Multilingual Student Translation (MUST) project, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL), research team member

Research interests

  • specialised translation (finance, law and economy, EU)
  • Corpus Linguistics and Corpus Translation Studies
  • similarities and differences among Slavic languages

Teaching experience

  • Translation of economics-related texts
  • Translation of finance- and banking-related texts
  • Translation of texts related to national law
  • Translation of texts related to EU law and international law
  • Specialised Translation