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dr Katarzyna Czarnocka (Katarzyna Stachowiak)


  • PhD cum laude at the Faculty of English, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2017
  • M.A. in English and French, conference interpreting programme, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2012
  • M.A. Sc. in Architecture and Urban Planning (English programme), Poznań University of Technology, 2012
  • B.A. in English, Poznań, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, 2011
  • B.A. Sc. in Architecture and Urban Planning, Poznań University of Technology, 2011

Active participation in conferences:

  • 4th international conference under “Translating Europe” programme (presentation: Same concept, different modalities: On visual and auditory processing in interpreting)
  • 19th European Conference on Eye Movements, Wuppertal, 2017 (posters: 1) Can you see what I’m saying? Eye movements and bilingual language processing in simultaneous interpreting; 2) A closer look at numbers in simultaneous interpreting: An eye-tracking study, with dr Paweł Korpal)
  • Translation and Interpreting in Transition, Ghent, 2017 (presentation: On eye movements and gestures in response to interpreting-related cognitive effort in professionals and trainees, with dr Paweł Korpal)
  • Polska Konferencja Eyetrackingowa, Lublin (presentation: On number processing and its effect on the accuracy of simultaneous interpreting, with dr Paweł Korpal)
  • 8th European Society for Translation Studies Congress: Moving Boundaries, Aarhus, 2016 (prezentacja: Eye movements as correlates of cognitive load in simultaneous interpreting)
  • ICEAL 2015, Warsaw (presentation: The visual or the aural: Which modality is dominant in simultaneous interpreters?; Simplification in Translation and Paraphrasing; Combining Corpus Linguistics, Key-Logging and Eyetracking Research),
  • Poznań Linguistic Meeting 2015, Poznań, 2015 (presentation: Similar or different? Cognitive rhythm in translation and paraphrasing),
  • III Polska Konferencja Eyetrackingowa, Warsaw, 2015 (presentations: Niewidoczne gołym okiem, czyli o tym, jak wyobraźnia wzrokowa wspomaga przetwarzanie kognitywne i jak to zmierzyć; Co ruchy gałek ocznych mówią o procesie tłumaczenia ustnego? with mgr Paweł Korpal),
  • Respeaking, Live Subtitling and Accessibility, Rome 2015 (presentation: More than meets the ear: Do subtitles matter for the well-educated, speaking hearing impaired?),
  • Emotions: PASE 2015 conference, Wrocław 2015 (presentation: Emotions reflected in interpreting), didTRAD PACTE, Barcelona, 2014: (presentation: Visual materials in simultaneous interpreting),
  • SMYS: Silesian meeting of young scholars, Szczyrk 2014 (presentation: Mental Imagery in auditory stimuli processing),
  • ICEAL, Warszawa, 2014 (presentation: A Comparative Analysis of Reading Patterns in Interlingual and Intralingual Translation: An Eyetracking Study, with dr hab. Bogusława Whyatt and dr Marta Kajzer-Wietrzny; How do Simultaneous Interpreters Cope with Numbers in the Fast Speech Condition? An Eyetracking Study, with mgr Paweł Korpal),
  • 20th International Congress on Palliative Care, Montreal 2014 (presentation: Adult Attachment Styles Associated with Patient-Doctor Relations in Palliative Care, with dr Iwona ZaporowskaStachowiak),
  • IV Simposi internacional de joves investigadors en traducció, interpretació, estudis interculturals i estudis d’Àsia oriental, Barcelona, 2014 (presentaion: Visual processing in simultaneous interpreters)
  • Young Linguists’ Meeting in Poznań, 2014 (presentation: More than meets the ear: are facial expressions meaningful for interpreters?),
  • Translation in Transition: Between Cognition, Computing and Technology, Copenhagen Business School, 2014 (presentation: Exploring decision-making processes in translation and paraphrase: a report on the ParaTrans project, with dr hab. Bogusława Whyatt and Marta Kajzer-Wietrzny), – Intermedia: The Łódź Conference on Audiovisual Translation and Localization, Łódź 2013 (presentation: Do we look or do we listen? Investigating subtitled scenes’ perception by means of an eye tracker),
  • 17th European Conference on Eye Movements, Lund, 2013 (presentation: Number processing in simultaneous interpreting: An eye-tracking study, with mgr Paweł Korpal),
  • Speech and Gaze in Translation, Copenhagen, 2013 (presentation: Google knows better: An analysis of translation assistance tools),
  • IV Simposi internacional de joves investigadors en traducció, interpretació, estudis interculturals i estudis d’Àsia oriental, Barcelona, 2013 (presentation: Simultaneous Interpreting as Trained Multitasking),
  • Język w Poznaniu, Poznań, 2013 (presentation: Mental tongue slips – production errors without uttering a word: A study on interpreters and translators),
  • Mówienie w Języku Obcym III: Perspektywa Psycholingwistyczna i Socjolingwistyczna, Konin, 2013 (presentation: Simultaneous interpreting and translating as multitasking: Attention management in interpreters and translators),
  • Rola Tłumacza i Przekładu w Epoce Wielokulturowości i Globalizacji, Warszawa, 2013 (presentation: Simultaneous interpreting as time-constrained multitasking: A study on dual-task management in interpreters and bilinguals; are linguistic or attention and memory skills unique for professional interpreters?),
  • 11th International Symposium of Psycholinguistics, Tenerife, 2013 (poster: Numerical data processing in simultaneous interpreting: Does visual input facilitate the process?, with mgr Paweł Korpal),
  • StuTS 51 in Stuttgart, 2012 (presentation: Attention bottleneck in simultaneous interpreting).

Other talks:

  • The hard work of working memory, University in Oslo, 2016
  • Attention bottleneck in simultaneous interpreting, Copenhagen Business School, 2013

Participation in research projects:

  • 2016 ~ principal investigator in the project: Foreign language influence on native pronunciation in simultaneous interpreting financed by the National Science Centre (no. 2015/19/N/HS2/03400),
  •  2016 ~ POSS project: Language as product and process (head researcher: prof. Bergljot Behrens, ILOS, Univerrsity of Oslo),
  • 2015 ~ investigator in the project: Numerical data processing in simultaneous interpreting: eyetracking studies financed by the National Science Centre (UMO-2015/17/N/HS2/03160) (methodology used: Eye Link 1000 Plus eye tracker),
  • 2012 ~ investigator in the Para-Trans Research Project – decision process in paraphrase and translation, financed by the National Science Centre (UMO – 2012/07/E/HS2/00661) (methodology used: Eye Link 1000 Plus eye tracker),
  • 2012-2015: investigator in the project: Cognate processing and the structure of the mental lexicon in multilingual speakers – a study of reaction times to visual stimuli and an analysis of eye movements in reading, financed by the National Science Centre (UMO – 2012/07/B/HS6/00487) (methodology used: Eye Link 1000 Plus eye tracker),
  • 2012-2013: investigator in the project: Cognitive role of gesture in the language of congenitally blind and visually-impaired children, financed by the National Science Centre (UMO – 2011/01/N/HS6/04050).


  • POSS seminar: International Workshop in Language as Process and Product, ILOS, University of Oslo, 2017.


  • Organising eye-tracking workshops: „Co to jest eye-tracking i co ruchy oczu mówią o rozumieniu języka?” at Poznańska Noc Naukowców 2014, with dr Agnieszka Lijewska and mgr Bartosz Brzoza,
  • Organising a workshop “Mam oko na język”, Poznanski Festiwal Nauki i Sztuki 2014, with dr Agnieszka Lijewska,
  • Instructor at the Third Ph.D. Course in Translation Processes Research, Copenhagen Business School, 2013 (responsible for eye tracking hand-on exercises), Participant at Model European Union (MEU) in Strasbourg, 2012.

Teaching trainings:

  • CAT tools training on the use of Trados, Poznań, 06.05.2015; Technical Translation Training, Poznań, 19.05.2015;
  • DG SCIC training for translation and interpreting teachers: „Testy. Organizacja lekcji/sesji szkoleniowych”, Warsaw, 15-16.01.2015;

Visits in institutions abroad:

  • 07.02.2016-10.03.2016: research assistant at the Institutt for litteratur, områdestudier og europeiske språk (ILOS), University of Oslo
  • 01.2013 -03.2013: research assistant in the Centre for Innovation in Translation and Translation Technology, Copenhagen Business School

Teaching experience:

  • Psycholinguistic research methods,
  • Translation, including technical and scientific translation, as well as the translation of EU-related texts
  • Interpreting, including consecutive interpreting, sight translation, liaison and chuchotage
  • CAT tools and IT for translators
  • English as foreign language

Professional organisations:

  • Member of the Board of the Polish Association of Conference Interpreters
  • Polish Committee for Standardization