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prof. ucz. dr hab. Michał B. Paradowski


  • MA summa cum laude in English, Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw
  • PhD in Linguistics, Institute of English Studies, University of Warsaw
  • Habilitation (DLitt), Faculty of Applied Linguistics, University of Warsaw

Research interests:

»  applied linguistics:

  • foreign language teaching methodology
  • pedagogical grammar
  • contrastive approaches to language teaching
  • brain-compatible instruction
  • language awareness
  • first, second, and third language acquisition (L1A, SLA, TLA)
  • universal grammar (UG)
  • language transfer
  • aspects of bi- and multilingualism
  • formulaic competence
  • place of the nonnative speaker teacher in language teaching
  • cross-cultural pragmatics
  • research methods in applied linguistics

»  theoretical linguistics and cognitive science:

  • complexity science and social network analysis
  • mathematical modelling of language phenomena
  • generative syntax
  • typology of linguistic features
  • corpus linguistics
  • artificial cognitive systems
  • English as a lingua franca (ELF)
  • embodied cognition and embodied language

Sample topics of supervised Master’s theses and BA dissertations:

Second Language Acquisition in a Multicultural Group and Social Network Effects

Emotion Related Language Choice in Bilinguals and Possible Explanation

Mother-Tongue Lexical Resources in Bilinguals and Second Language Users

Language Teachers’ Application of Awareness of L2-L3 Interrelation

Communication Breakdowns in ELF Interactions: Causes, Coping Strategies and Implications for the Classroom

The Role of Cultural and Social Factors in Adopting (or Rejecting) English as a Lingua Franca

Motivation to Learn Local Dialects vs. Motivation to Learn an International Language

Developing Basic Global English Materials for Polish-Speaking Learners

Methods of Teaching English as a Lingua Franca for Business Communication

Teaching Business English for Use in International Corporations. An Example of a Course Book

The Influence of Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) on Junior High School Students’ Motivation to Learn English

Establishing a Bilingual Home – Strategies and Ways of Communication in a Bilingual Family

Multilingualism and Motivation: A Case Study

Promoting Multilingual Education in a Monolingual Environment. English-French Supplement for Polish Primary School Students

Personality Factors in Language Learning – Helping Learners Overcome Foreign Language Anxiety in Speaking

Teacher’s Personality as a Factor Influencing Students’ Motivation to Learn

Psychological Impact of Gender on the Usage of Profanities

Treatment of Errors in Oral Production in English Language Classrooms

Poles’ Difficulties in Pronouncing English Dental Fricatives and Implications for Language Teaching

Teaching Vocabulary to Older Primary School Students on the Basis of the Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Time, Tense and Aspect – A Comparison Between English and Polish, Problems with Defining these Notions, and Implications for Teaching English Grammar

Preventing Adult Interlanguage Fossilization in Classroom Environments. An Empirical Study

The Role of Spaced Repetition Systems in the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language on the Example of SuperMemo

The New Reality of English as an International Language and its Reflection in Language Testing: A Case Study of IELTS

Criteria for Developing Aviation English Assessment and an Examination Proposal

A Comparative Analysis of the Speaking Parts of Three Proficiency Examinations: FCE, DELF, and DELE

A Comparative Analysis of English Textbooks Used in Polish and German Primary Schools

Mastery of Foreign Language and the Process of Integration of Polish Immigrants in the UK

Secondary School English Teacher Portrayals in British and American Cinematography

List of selected publications (updated annually)

Selected publications in Academia.edu repository Licencja Creative Commons

Other on-line texts





Latest (2017) book:

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Dispelling myths about bilingual education and bilingualism (IF):

On EdTech and ‘minimally invasive education’ in foreign language learning:

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